How do you set up a registry? How exactly does it work?
1. First, contact me. Are you getting married, having a baby(s), graduating or is it your birthday?
2. I will set up your account and provide the links and information for you to hand out so people can start purchasing e-gift cards.
3. The amount each person gifts you goes toward the session of your choice. 
4. If there is additional money after using your credit on that particular session you can use the remaining balance for any session in the future. It never expires. 


How do e-gift cards work? 
1. Find the person(s) you are wanting to gift. 
2. Click on their registry square which will open up a new window.
3. Choose how much you'd like the e-gift card to be. 
4. Complete the checkout and a receipt will be sent to you. 
5. When it comes gift time, you can place a voucher receipt in the card. 
6. Each Registry holder will be updated when a gift purchase is made.